Prof Dr Ashish Malik

Prof Dr Ashish Malik

Director of Axis Institute of Technology and Management & Expert Member of FELA Foundation

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The highly admired and respected Professor Ashish Malik is currently working as the Director of Axis Institute of Technology and Management (Kanpur, India), approved by AICTE and affiliated with Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technical University (Lucknow, India). He has been a very committed and unwavering leader toward the technological advancement of numerous reputed educational institutes that have been truly exemplary. Besides having an illustrious education background, Dr. Malik has an exceptional hands-on experience in budget planning and management of variant putative universities.

Dr. Malik’s unparalleled efforts toward the betterment of technical education across the nation, vibrantly get reflected on the pages of the Indian Society for Technical Education. He has become a lifetime member of the Indian Society for Technical Education and also holds a prominent place in the Institute of Engineers (India) and chartered Engineer. Apart from this, Dr. Malik has been the Secretary-General of the Solar Energy Society of India for 2019 and 2020 and has now become a lifetime member of the same.

With a remarkable contribution and achievement in the education industry, Dr. Malik has obtained an ELITE Certificate in NPTEL courses of Effective Engineering Teaching in Practice and Outcome-based Pedagogic Principles for Effective Teaching in 2018. Dr. Malik has also been honoured with various accolades for his unrivaled endeavours including the Award for Distinguished Professor in Gurukul RACE India- 2019, Best Faculty Award in ABES Engineering College in 2009, Directors’ Improved Teaching Performance Award in ABES Engineering College in 2008-09, 2009-10, 2011-12 and 2012-13, Directors’ Award for Research Work Oriented Faculty in ABES Engineering College in 2012-13. He has also achieved the Best Technical Paper in ISTE sponsored national conference at IDEA 2009 in BGIET, Sangrur.

Dr. Malik’s ceaseless efforts in backing thousands of students toward a great future have undoubtedly become an inspiration for many. Besides being a distinguished professor, he is also an inordinate writer. His publications include-

• Power generation using cotton stalk derived producer gas in diesel engines in Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects-Taylor and Francis Journal(October 2016)--SCI

• Use of Agri-waste for the Development of Sustainable Energy Resources in international journal of IJRET(May 2015)-- SCOPUS

• Biomass-Based Gasifiers For IC Engines- A Review in national journal of Sadhana- Springer Publication (June 2013)—SCI

• Performance Characteristics Of Diesel Engine Fuelled By Biodiesel Of Jatropha Oil And Soyabean Oil in international journal of ARME(December 2012)—SCOPUS

• Utilization of Biomass as Engine Fuel in national journal of JSIR(October 2009)—SCI

• Application of Industrial Engineering to increase the productivity of an E-Rickshaw factory in IJTSRD (2018) –UGC Approved

• Enclosure Design for 3d Printing, in IJTSRD (2018) –UGC Approved

• Biodiesel production & performance analysis on CI engines – A Review, in IJTSRD (2018) –UGC Approved

• Performance and Emissions Analysis of VCR Engine using Waste Mustard Cooking Oil, in IJTSRD (2018) –UGC Approved


Director of Axis Institute of Technology and Management & Expert Member of FELA Foundation

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Research Works


Performance analysis and experimental validation of variable compression ratio engine using green fuel (2017)


Performance of an Internal Combustion Engine Fuelled with Blends of Diesel and Butanol (2015)


Performance Analysis of a Dual Fuel Engine Working on Different Types of Biomass (2015)


Investigations on Study of Performance and Emissions of a Dual Fuel Engine run with Agricultural Wastes and Diesel (2016)

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