Prof. Dr. Chattar Singh

Prof. Dr. Chattar Singh

Vice-Chancellor, Rai University, Bangalore

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The esteemed Prof. Chattar Singh is the Vice-Chancellor of highly-reputed Rai University, Bangalore (Karnatka). His remarkable academic career and massive contribution to the education industry have been a true inspiration to thousands of young minds across the globe. Consequently, he held the second position in the list of ‘Top Twenty Eminent Vice Chancellors of India 2020’.

Dr. Chattar Singh’s unparalleled efforts in spreading awareness about Indian history & culture, problems of social & economic history of India, social economic history of Jammu & Kashmir and adjoining areas, and bringing social changes in Punjab have truly set an example of a veracious leader. His inimitable knowledge of Indian Historiography and the new trends in the historiography of the socio-economical history of India gets boldly reflected on the pages of his education journey.

Dr. Singh has also been prominent in encouraging Minorities’ Entrepreneurship and Empowerment and manifesting some less-popular topics like The Depressed Classes in India with utter grace have been noteworthy. His incredible endeavor and hard work for years made him the worthy bearer of Shlaangha Patram (Certificate of Excellence) in progressive and developmental writings by His Excellency Governor of Haryana two times.

Having mastered his academic career, Dr. Singh has also acquired an exceptional record of working as a Regional Politico-Socio-Economic Analyst/Expert with numerous reputed media channels including Zee News (Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal), MH1 News, Janta TV, Sadhana News, and Haryana News TV Channel. He has delivered fifteen Radio Talks on numerous topics of History and Culture on All India Radio, Kurukshetra, and Rohtak.

While talking about his significant excellence in the field of academia, it’s also worth stating here that he has been a renowned writer too. He has written some exemplary books including-

• Social and Economic Change in Haryana, NBO, New Delhi, 2004.

• Local Self Government in Haryana and the British Raj, NBO, New Delhi, 2006, Revised edition 2020

• Edited book Minority Entrepreneurship and Empowerment, Mahindra Publishing House, Chandigarh, 2019.

Dr. Singh has efficiently reviewed some of the most popular books including-

• Churumandal Ka Shodhpuran Itihas by Sh. Gobind Aggarwal in the Journal of Haryana Studies, KUK, Vol. VIII, 1977.

• Gandhiana: 1962 to 1976 edited by Sh. Satya Prakash, Journal of Haryana Studies, KUK, Vol. IX, 1977.

• An Anglo-Indian Dictionary by G.C. Whiteworth, Journal of Haryana Studies, KUK, Vol. IX, 1977.

• Choutala Se Chandigarh by Dr. Raja Ram, Journal of Haryana Studies, KUK, Vol. X, 1978.

• Karnal District edited by K. K. Aggarwal in Journal of Haryana Studies, KUK, Vol. XI, 1979.

• India in 1857-59: A Study in the Role of the Sikhs in the People’s

• Uprisings by Doroles Domin in Journal of Haryana Studies, KUK, Vol. XI, 1979.


Vice-Chancellor, Rai University, Bangalore 

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