Prof. Dr Parvesh Lata

Prof. Dr Parvesh Lata

Prof. Dr Parvesh Lata is the Head of the Education Department and Associate Professor of GD Goenka University, Gurugram and Expert Member of FELA Foundation

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Prof. Dr Parvesh Lata is the Head of the Education Department and Associate Professor of GD Goenka University, Sohna, Gurugram. Dr Lata has been setting numerous milestones in her unprecedented journey to date. Her excellent leadership qualities and unique innovative mind has played a big role in her prosperous and successful career.

Her forte being educational studies, Dr Lata has worked on variant important projects, some of them being the development of IT-Enabled instructional packages in numerous areas of science and portrayed its impact on the academic achievement of young brains with utter grace. Her initiatives to break grounds for women's education have been highly-laudable and cherishable.

Dr Lata's step towards proliferating the awareness of increased environmental pollution that has grown into a global transboundary problem, has been above par. She has also done detailed research on water pollution management and also monitored water quality at N.F.L, Panipat. Her efforts to bring a change in the society and make everyone concerned about the much-ignored issue in daily life, has been batting a thousand.

Her ceaseless efforts to bring a productive change in society got recognized by international institutions and Dr Lata got elected as a member of the Editorial Board in the European Centre for Research Training and Development UK. She has been honoured with numerous accolades including the Best Researcher certificate awarded by Delhi Teachers’ Training College and a lifetime member of the Global Educational Research Association (GERA), among others.
Besides being a professor and researcher of the highest standards, Dr Lata is also a popular author. She has written a list of erudite books, in international and national journals.

· Payal Mittal & Parvesh Lata (Feb/2022): ‘Transforming Traditional Indian English Classroom into Skill-based Teaching’ paper published in International Conference Proceedings titled International Conference on Best Innovative teaching strategies organized by ICON BIITS-2021, Pilani from 29-31 July 2021.

·        Parvesh Lata (2020): ‘Walters and Chomskian Perspectives of Language development’ sent for publication in the edited book, Kala mandir Publication ‘Language Across the Curriculum’ by Dr Abhilasha Gautam(Principal, KRCHE) and Dr Amandeep(Asst. Professor, Amity Institute of Behavioural and Allied science) ISBN 978-81-89463-52-6.

· Parvesh Lata & Garima Choudhary (2015): Pupil-Teachers’ Perception towards Quality Teacher Education: An Exploration Systemic Concerns in Teacher Education-An Edited Book, Bansal publisher by Prof. Madhu Gupta, Dept. of Education MDU, Rohtak.

· Madhu Gupta & Parvesh Lata (2015): Using ICT in Empowering Teachers for Quality Education. Education Technology-An Edited Book, APH Publication.

· Parvesh Lata & Garima Choudhary (2015/April): Technology in Modern Classrooms. Organizational Transformation in Merging Real and Virtual World- An Edited Book, Modern Rohini Education Society Publication.


Head of the Education Department and Associate Professor of GD Goenka University, Gurugram and Expert Member of FELA Foundation

What you'll Learn

·  Education Technology/ICT Mediated Education  ·  Env. Biology/Env. Pollution, Env. Botany, Remote Sensing & GIS ·  Integrated Science/Life Science/Biological science ·  Philo. & Socio. Basis of Education/ Curriculum, Inst. & Evaluation ·  Drama and Art in Education


Fela Experience


B.P.S.M. Girls College

Khanpur Klan (Sonipat) Haryana

Fela Experience


Biological Sc. in DIET

Karkardooma, New Delhi

Fela Experience

Assistant Professor

Delhi Teachers Training College

Najafgarh, New Delhi

Fela Experience

Research Officer

Jamia Millia Islamia

New Delhi

Fela Experience

Associate Professor

Delhi Teachers Training College

Najafgarh, New Delhi

Research Works

M.Ed. Dissertation

“A Comparative Study of The Values of Private And Govt. School Teachers of District Sonipat at Primary Level”

M.Phil. (Education) Dissertation

“A Comparative Study of the Achievement in Science of Class 10th Male and Female Students of Govt. Schools in Relation to Cer

Ph.D (Education) Thesis

“Development of IT-Enabled Instructional Package in Science and Its Impact on Academic Achievement of School Students”

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