Prof. Dr Sasmita Samanta

Prof. Dr Sasmita Samanta

Vice-Chancellor, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odissa

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The esteemed Prof. Sasmita Samanta is the Vice-Chancellor of the reputed and well-respected KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. Prof. Samanta's distinguished academic career has been remarkable. Words fall short to express her contribution to the education industry and her journey till date. Besides being a prolific Vice-Chancellor and Professor, Dr. Samanta holds a dignified position of being the Founder-President of the World Leadership Academy and President of the Indian Commerce Association.

Dr. Samanta is truly an inspiration for all who dream to achieve new heights of progress in the field of education. Her unrivalled approach toward a sustainable ecosystem, visionary and inspirational take on the education industry and leadership calibre are truly exemplary.

Some of her admirable distinctions include Post-Doc in Leadership, Taiwan; PhD in Management; a Stanford LEAD Alumna and Stanford Distinguished Scholar, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, USA; Fellow of Royal Society of Arts (FRSA, UK); and Fellow of Computer Society of India (FCSI, India). She has been trained in leadership at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO), USA. and CSC leaders programme, Common Purpose Charitable Trust, UK, among others.

Donning the regalia of prexy for two and a half decades at KIIT, Dr Samanta initiated a resolution among the young minds. Her strong commitment to quality and diversity never failed to raise the growth bars high. As she paved the path of success for innumerable students across the globe following an exceptional leadership quality, she made an indelibly positive and inspiring mark on the minds of all.

Apart from Dr. Samanta’s contribution to the students, she played a vital role in proliferating the reach of KIIT to variant unfurled areas and making the institution one of the leading higher education institutions. Her will to make the institution stand out from the rest and immense efforts led the institution to acquire an exalted position in National and Global Rankings, including the Times Higher Education University Rankings.

Dr. Samanta efforts and roles are not just confined to a certain genre, she has made miracles in several other genres ranging from admissions, human resource management, talent acquisition, general administration, governance and competency management. Her emphasis has been on engaging and retaining people, bringing transparency to the system leading to high motivation, ownership and commitment among the employees, and increasing their productivity for the triumph of organizational goals. She has always believed in participative and transparent governance systems. So, she made sure to introduce an Activity-based Learning System in all courses and programs of the University with a prime focus on a student-centric ambience on the campus.

Her endeavour towards advancement gets luminously reflected in numerous technology-enabled innovations at KIIT, including re-evaluation and the use of technology in the teaching-learning process, which has been running successfully with more than 25,000 users and 4000 process owners. Dr Samanta not only backed the diverse abilities of young minds but also stood as stem as a member of the Academic Council of Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) and Member (UGC Nominee) of the Board of Governors of DKTE Textile and Engineering Institute (Maharashtra), guiding them towards utter excellence.

The sayings are true that when you get to define or represent a virtuoso, it’s hard to brief their contributions and accomplishments using few impressive words. Moving forward to brief her further contributions, Dr. Samanta is a magnificent public speaker, who has delivered more than 500 keynote addresses and lectures in diverse fields of education and human development at different conferences, seminars, and faculty development programmes, including Human Resource Development Centres of UGC. She has published thirty research articles, authored/co-authored three books and edited two books.

Book Chapters(III):

1. S Samanta, JP Mahajan, D Verma (2022), “Emerging Dimensions of Human Resource Management - Editors’ Perspective” In Sasmita Samanta and J. P. Mahajan (2022), Ed,  “Emerging Dimensions of Business & Management in the Present-Day Competitive Environment, Prestige Publishers, 978-8194942832

2.  S Samanta, JP Mahajan, D Verma, (2022), Emerging Dimensions of Strategic Management – Editors’ Perspective, ” In Sasmita Samanta and J. P. Mahajan (2022), Ed,  “Emerging Dimensions of Business & Management in the Present-Day Competitive Environment, Prestige Publishers, 978-8194942832

3. S Samanta, JP Mahajan, D Verma, (2022), “Emerging Dimensions of Entrepreneurship And MSME Sector – Editors’ Perspective”, In Sasmita Samanta and J. P. Mahajan (2022), Ed,  “Emerging Dimensions of Business & Management in the Present-Day Competitive Environment, Prestige Publishers, 978-8194942832

4. P Mukherjee, S Samanta, PK Pattnaik (2021), “e-Government Security Method Evaluation by Using G-AHP: A MCDM Model”, In Bhaswati SahooRabindra Narayana BeheraSasmita Rani SamantaPrasant Kumar Pattnaik (2022) Strategies for e-Service, e-Governance, and Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions for Efficiency and Sustainability, CRC Press, ISBN: 9781771889704




Vice-Chancellor, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odissa 

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