Prof. Dr Tabrez Ahmad

Prof. Dr Tabrez Ahmad

Vice-Chancellor at GD Goenka University, Gurugram and Director of Legal & Regulatory affairs-

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Respected Prof. Dr Tabrez Ahmad’s expertise is in cyberlaw, intellectual property rights, energy law, and jurisprudence with a background in commercial law. He holds a PhD (Cyber Law & IPR), LLM (Commercial Law & Cyber Law); and B.Sc  (Combined Hons) (Zoology, Botany & Chemistry) from the AM University Aligarh, India.

Prof. Ahamad has taught these subjects for nearly 20 years at universities such as the W.B. National University of Juridical Sciences (Kolkata), KIIT University  (Bhubaneswar), Alliance University (Bengaluru), University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (Dehradun),  and Galgotias University (Greater Noida). Before taking up the current role in May 2020,

He is on the advisory panel of various academic and professional institutions of International repute.  A Prolific speaker in Cyberlaw, IPR & Energy Law. Delivered Keynotes and speaker in more than 100  prestigious International conferences held in, USA, UK, China, Japan, UAE, Egypt, Singapore, etc. He has  also practiced for a while at the bar of Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India.

He has authored a  pioneering book entitled "Cyber Law, E-commerce and M-commerce", and published more than 100 papers  in reputed journals. He is an active blogger, Youtuber, and editor of various International journals. By New  York USA based SSRN, he is ranked among the Top 100 Law Authors in the World. He is among the  IPLEADERS-2019 Top 100 most followed LinkedIn lawyers and has been ranked at 13 globally. He has  been awarded the best Keynote Speaker by the SIETIIE 2019 and Awarded “Top 50 IP Players” by IPR  Gorilla USA. He is one of the Youngest Vice-Chancellor in the World.  In his substantive position as the Vice-Chancellor of GD Goenka University, Tabrez promotes academic and  professional excellence and nurtures empathy for socio-cultural, economic and gender diversity; he champions a  work environment that draws on the strength of its socio-cultural, economic and gender diversity; prioritises  the creation of an ecosystem that is devoid of workplace bullying; fosters the result of a trusting, non hierarchical and collegial work culture that stresses meritocracy and a passion for academic excellence; and  handholds his teammates to foster changes that would develop the University’s goals of achieving best-in class teaching and learning practices, quality and intensity of research endeavours, International teaching  and research collaborations and valuable partnerships with the community and other stakeholders; and  operationalise the University’s vision to become the best option for students, scholars, faculty,  administrative staff, the recruiting Industry and professional bodies.


Presently Vice-Chancellor at GD Goenka University, Delhi & Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs FELA-Foundation.

What you'll Learn

❒ Legal Research, Professional Training, Teaching, Educational Assessment, Students Relations, Counselling,  Discipline Management, Curriculum Development, Hostel Management, Academic Development, Relationship  Building, Editorial Services / Publishing, Executive, Advisory, and decision support.  ❒ Recognising, respecting & nurturing the creative potential of each student, fostering a healthy learning atmosphere in class and responding to all classroom queries in a spontaneous and empathic manner  ❒ Ensuring discipline by observing students' work,  behaviour & attendance and advising students on the course,  academic matters and career decisions   ❒ Teaching Business Law, Intellectual Property Law and Cyberlaw to senior classes and organising moot courts,  seminars, conferences  ❒ Managing the curriculum review process, including course content, methods of delivery & assessment ❒ Handling the process leading up to periodic teaching quality assessments, including a  self-assessment programme, making recommendations for improvement, detailed arrangements for assessment visits, etc.  ❒ Identifying training needs across levels through mapping of skills required for different roles and analysis of the existing level of competencies  ❒ Conceptualising &  developing training  &  development initiatives for improved productivity,  building capability and quality enhancement ❒ Interacting and collaborating with law firms, legal institutions, law professionals, lawyers, judges, students, parents and the community to build an environment that maximises students’ learning,  academic performance, and social and professional growth.


Fela Experience

Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean School of Law

GD Goenka, University, Since 1st May, 2020

Gurugram, Delhi NCR.

Fela Experience

Vice Chancellor

GD Goenka University -27th October, 2020

Gurugram, Delhi NCR

Fela Experience

Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean School of Law

Galgotias University July, 2019 to 30th April, 2020

Greater Noida, Delhi NCR.

Fela Experience

Professor and Dean

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies-June-27th- 2013-to-1st July, 2019


Fela Experience

Professor and Founder Director

Alliance University, Jan’17, 2012- 26th June, 2013


Fela Experience

Professor of Law, & Head Dept. of Private Laws

School of Law, KIIT University, Sept’07-Jan’12


Research Works

Challenges of cyber crimes in India

: A critical analysis, SCOPUS Indexed Journal

Technology convergence and cybersecurity:

A critical analysis of techno-legal challenges in India and USA SCOPUS

Law on Contributory Negligence And Consumers Of Medical Care In India:

An Analysis

Compensation for Medical Negligence:

An Argument for Vindictive Justice

Internationally recognized corporate social responsibility guidelines and principles vice versa

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