NCERT Introduces Holistic Progress Card (HPC) for Comprehensive Student Evaluation

NCERT Introduces Holistic Progress Card (HPC) for Comprehensive Student Evaluation

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NCERT is rolling out a new Holistic Progress Card (HPC) that assesses students based on interpersonal skills, self-reflection, creativity, and emotional intelli
NCERT Introduces Holistic Progress Card (HPC) for Comprehensive Student Evaluation

The National Council for Educational and Research Training (NCERT) is introducing a new "holistic progress card" (HPC) to measure a child's progress in interpersonal relationships, self-reflection, creativity, and emotional application in the classroom, in addition to academic performance. This change will be significant as it will no longer depend on marks or grades to evaluate a student's academic performance.

Developed by Performance Assessment, Review, and Analysis of Knowledge for Holistic Development (PARAKH), the HPCs are designed for the foundational stage (Classes 1 and 2), preparatory stage (Classes 3 to 5), and middle stage (Classes 6 to 8). Report cards for the secondary level (after Class 9) are still being created.

The HPC model requires students to be assessed regularly through class activities where they are active agents rather than passive learners. Teachers will be able to identify a student's skills, such as their ability to "collaborate", "follow instructions", demonstrate "creativity", or "empathy", and assist teachers in identifying areas where students want help.

A key feature of the HPC is that students will have a say in evaluating their own and their classmates' performance. For instance, at the foundational stage, a student will circle appropriate responses like 'Yes', 'No', or 'Do not know' to descriptive statements like "I liked doing this work" or "I found this work easy."

The HPC will also link home and school by making parents an integral part of a child's learning process. Parents' inputs on their child's ability to do homework and follow lessons in the classroom will be included.


After PARAKH prepared the HPCs for students till Class 8, it was sent to all states and Union Territories in September 2023, with the NCERT asking them to either adopt the HPC or make modifications that suit their regional requirements.

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