Over 3 crore students enroll in UGC’s Academic Bank of Credits

Over 3 crore students enroll in UGC’s Academic Bank of Credits

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The University Grants Commission (UGC) reports that over 3 crore students have successfully enrolled with the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC).
Over 3 crore students enroll in UGC’s Academic Bank of Credits

According to the University Grants Commission, more than 3 crore students across the nation have successfully enrolled with the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC). Through an effective credit transfer mechanism, the ABC portal advocates for flexibility in curricular frameworks and allows transdisciplinary or multidisciplinary academic mobility among Indian Higher Educational Institutes (HEIs).

It preserves a record of each student's credits as a digital repository, allowing for a smooth transfer between universities or institutions by offering seamless access to their academic results.


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“So far, three crore students have joined the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) platform and the process is still going on. This is very important for the successful implementation of the National Credit Framework, which provides more choices to students,” PTI quoted a senior UGC official as saying.

“If a student does any course during his studies, his credits will continue to be deposited in the bank,” the official adds.



The UGC continuously engages with universities and colleges, emphasizing the need of every student having an account and ensuring frequent compliance monitoring.

Credits, transcripts, and certificates can be uploaded to students' academic accounts. The graduate program is now four years long, giving students the option of several entry and leave points during their studies.

"Till now, students used to face difficulties taking admission from one institute to another, but after the implementation of the provisions of the National Credit Framework, now they will be able to easily shift to another institute," according to a government official.

"Also, with the provision of multiple entry and exits, he will be able to resume his studies," according to the source.


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