Delhi Lt Governor Greenlights 29 Officer Posts Revival

Delhi Lt Governor Greenlights 29 Officer Posts Revival

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Delhi's Lieutenant Governor approves the reinstatement of 29 vacant Principal and Deputy Education Officer positions within the Education Department. 
Delhi Lt Governor Greenlights 29 Officer Posts Revival

Vinai Kumar Saxena, Delhi's Lieutenant Governor (LG), has approved the reinstatement of 29 vacant Principal and Deputy Education Officer jobs within the Department of Education, GNCTD (Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi). Between 2019 and 2021, these critical positions in Delhi government schools remain vacant.

In addition to this decision, the LG has endorsed the suggestion to eliminate six posts that come under the 'immediate abolition' category. These positions were recognized because of their lengthy vacancy duration, which lasted from 2013 to 2017.

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According to documented statistics, two Principal/Deputy Education Officer jobs were vacant in 2019, with the number growing to four by 2020. The number of vacancies increased to 23 in 2020, with two more positions becoming available in 2021 till April.

Following reviews by the Administrative Reforms (AR) Department, the Education Department received clearance from the Delhi LG in April 2023 to restore 126 jobs and create 244 new positions within the Directorate of Education for Principal/Deputy Education Officers.


During the proposal's review by the AR, Finance, and Planning Departments, new positions were designated as 'deemed eliminated,' while others were highlighted for possible resurrection or elimination.

The Education Department, emphasizing the relevance of these jobs, emphasized that the original goal for their formation remains vital for the Department's effective operation.


Presently, the responsibilities of these vacant positions are being managed by vice-principals as a temporary measure. However, this stopgap arrangement is limited and deemed unsustainable for the long-term smooth functioning of the educational system.

The LG's recent approvals mark a significant step in addressing the staffing gaps within the education sector, aiming to enhance the operational efficiency and quality of education in Government schools.

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