UGC Mandates Universities to Provide Essential Information on Websites

UGC Mandates Universities to Provide Essential Information on Websites

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The UGC has directed all higher education institutions to post essential information on their websites, including rankings, course costs, scholarships, and more
UGC Mandates Universities to Provide Essential Information on Websites

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has mandated that all higher education institutions across the nation post all essential information on their websites. Previously, it was discovered that many such schools did not provide all of their fundamental information to students and parents.

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However, from now on, these schools must provide essential information on their website/s, such as institutional information and ranking, course cost structure and calendar, hostel, fellowships, scholarships, and numerous initiatives. The UGC has also directed that crucial information on these institutions' websites be updated regularly.

A notification issued by UGC chairman, M Jagdish Kumar, said, “Be it students, parents, researchers, government officials, alumni or any other citizen, everyone wants to know some basic information about universities and educational institutions. However, we have observed that even minimal information related to the institution is not available on the websites of many universities. In many cases, the website is not working or updated. Due to this, all students and parents face inconvenience and difficulty.”

The announcement mandates that all national universities, including those that are central, state, regional, and private, as well as the schools that they are linked with, must henceforth post a specific amount of fundamental information online. "This includes information about the institute and its ranking, syllabus, fees, calendar, hostel, fellowships, scholarships, and announcements," the notification said.

Professor Mohan Surya, a leading education expert in the area, commented on the UGC's decision: "It is essential to get basic information about any university or college for students. And mostly it is noticed that colleges do not give the information properly, so the UGC instructions are appreciated.”

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